I Do Not like Being a Special Needs Parent and That’s OK

I Do Not like Being a Special Needs Parent and That's OK

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  1. Avatar bethanylovestrees says:

    Thank you for sharing! I don’t know you but I love you and I see you. Peace.

  2. Avatar Shantel says:

    I don’t have the answers. I don’t know the why. I do know that Knowing something and living it can often be two very different things. But in a world that shows my son everyday that being atypical is not okay, I hope he never, EVER doubts my love for him, Exactly how he is. I hope I can always find the courage and strength to guide him, to help him navigate this life. That he knows he is never truly alone in it. Like or dislike it, we still have to figure out how to live it and hopefully we do that well, so our children never doubt our love for them.

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