Millicent Nicole Huser Shares With Us 0

Millicent Nicole Huser Shares With Us…

Millicent Nicole Huser College is a goal for many, so it is “on the radar” early on in their lives. They prepare for it by taking certain classes, joining certain...


Tips for Inclusion and Friendship

Inclusion and Friendship Timothy Rohrer is a young adult with autism who is a passionate advocate of disability inclusion. He is the author of a teaching guide called “How to...


Meet Jarrod

Meet Jarrod Jarrod is a kind-hearted young man (20) who goes out of his way to help others; his broad smile and gentle eyes will be the highlight of your...


Meet Jackson

Meet Jackson Being 9 years old, Jackson is constantly laughing, snuggling, or playing, and those around him consider him a “ray of sunshine.” It’s impossible to have a bad day...

Meet Franklin 0

Meet Franklin

Meet Franklin Ten-year-old Franklin has been described as the bright light in the room. Reserved at first, once you begin to engage with him and his favorite toys, he is...

Meet Nelson 0

Meet Nelson

Meet Nelson Known for his smile and infectious giggle, Nelson is a very sweet and friendly teenager. He enjoys crafts, games, and watching his favorite TV shows. He is quite...


Honoring the Legendary Dick Hoyt

“Yes, you can!” – Richard (“Dick”) Hoyt, Sr. (American inspiration for runners, fathers, and disabled athletes) Inspiration and Encouragement for Special Needs Fathers When you think of the word “dedication,”...

Meet Christian 0

Meet Christian

Meet Christian This 12-year-old has the energy and smile that can light up a room! He enjoys meeting new people and loves to interact with those around him. To release...

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