Cooking with Kids

Halloween Fun: How to Make Halloween Fun During COVID-19 0

How to Make Halloween Fun During Covid-19

In the past six months, Covid-19 has put a damper on many activities we take for granted, including summer vacations, school graduations, and now, it looks like Halloween is the...

Cook with kids peach dump pie 0

Create, Cook, Talk: Peach Dump Cake

Welcome to Create, Cook, and Talk  I’m Chantai, and to keep my daughter active, entertained, and learning during COVID-19. I started cooking with her and then sharing it with all...


Create, Cook, Talk: Pizza Waffles

Pizza Waffles Do you need a recipe to quickly get dinner on the table or even one that allows your kids to help make the family meal with minimal help...


Create, Cook, Talk: Lemonade Pie

A refreshing summer dessert that is easy to make…and take, that is, if we ever get to go anywhere!   This recipe comes to us courtesy of Carrie Antonelli, and...


Easy Chicken Nuggets

Okay, here’s a true story: Kailee always wants chicken nuggets, and I’m sure if you have children, you can relate, too! As a mom, I am still trying to help...


Fun 5 Minute Ice Cream In A Bag

Cooking with kids: Five-minute ice-cream-in-a-bag This recipe is more of a fun, creative, science-experiment rather than a “cooking” class…..we won’t be “cooking” anything and just mixing up ingredients. David Helseth...

Tech Tools for Family Holiday Cooking 0

Tech Tools for Family Holiday Cooking

Family Holiday Cooking During the holiday season, families generally get to spend more time together, some travel to visit relatives, while others stay home and simply enjoy time off from...

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