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Parenting Special Needs Magazine believes in the Power of Parenting: encouraging, informing, empowering, and inspiring you throughout your parenting journey.

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Your journey is unique, no two children are the same, and no two families face the same challenges. We are here to help support and enlighten you with information you can understand.

That guidance comes from many sources, including trusted experts and professionals in many fields, as well as parents who share their practical tips, life lessons, challenges, and joys they have experienced along the way.

Be Encouraged that you are not alone in this journey; we are here to provide support and answers wherever possible!

Be Informed through expert advice, focused content, and wisdom shared by parents who have navigated these waters before!

Be Empowered as you make choices that will benefit your family!

Be Inspired by our unique and informative content and stories!

Yes, navigating the special needs world can be challenging, frustrating, scary – Parenting Special Needs Magazine has your back. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we are here with:

“Practical Tips”

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“Developmental Articles”

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Best of all, everything you need is right at your fingertips – no matter where you are. We are the FIRST, FREE, INTERACTIVE, MULTI-MEDIA online, mobile-friendly publication serving the special needs community. With Parenting Special Needs Magazine, you can:

  • LISTEN to the articles
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In other words – we are here – how, where, and when you need us.

I know becoming a parent of a child with special needs has changed my life forever, and in ways, I never thought possible. My child has taught me many lessons and, I believe, has made me a better person.  We at Parenting Special Needs Magazine are making it our mission to provide parents of children with special needs of all ages and stages of life, both information, and inspiration.

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I started our site/blog/magazine 12 years ago to get some help raising my daughter with special needs. While helping my daughter, I also wanted to share what I have learned to help other families. Parenting Special Needs’ website, magazine, and FB page reaches over 300,000 families each month who are “in the trenches” raising a child with special needs.

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