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Becoming a parent of a child  with special needs has changed my life forever, and in ways I never thought possible. My child has taught me many lessons and, I believe, has made me a better person.  We at Parenting Special Needs Magazine are making it our mission to provide parents of children with special needs of all ages and stages of life, both information and inspiration. Through Parenting Special Needs On Line Magazine, we’ve created a world that provides practical tips, shares life’s lessons, tackles the challenges and celebrates the joys of one of life’s greatest gifts.

Navigating our world together, we explore the changing face of parenting a child with special needs. We are continually seeking change for the better with new and helpful information that is “simplified” to fit into our already busy schedules. A few of our features will include: “REAL LIFE” parents and caregivers share their in experiences raising a loved one, S.O.S: Siblings Offering Support, “Practical Tips”, Do you know or Did you know?, Development, Special Needs Planning, Rights, Your Life, Caregiver Care and information and resources to help navigate your course.

As Parenting Special Needs Magazine continues to develop, we welcome any comments you may have. We look forward to bringing together the “world wide” Parenting Special Needs community.

Please, share your “Real Life” Stories with us and encourage family members and friends to subscribe to Parenting Special Needs Magazine. Finally, help us to become stronger by using one voice to raise awareness and advocate for our children. Send submissions to submit@parentingspecialneeds.org

Chantai Snellgrove

Founder and Editorial Director

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