Family Life


Meet Estefani

Meet 10-year-old Estefani! You’ll know she’s enjoying herself when she bops to her favorite music. Some of her favorite music can be found on the KidzBop albums, but she is...

Meet William 0

Meet William

Meet William When you meet William, 20 years old, you will first notice his big smile and friendly manner. Then, as you get to know him, you will discover that...


Indoor Golf

Are you one of those golf enthusiasts who despises the cold weather? Surely there may be places near you to visit to fulfill your golf addiction. Golf simulators are very...


How I Was Able to Find Love Again

Photo from left to right: Justin Davner (boyfriend), McKenzie Foster (daughter), Erin Foster (mom), Kyle Foster (son). How I was able to find love again and my boyfriend loves both...

Family Chat Practical Tips For Puberty 0

Family Chat: Practical Tips For Puberty

“Puberty! Ready or not, it is our time to guide our children through. It’s a natural stage of development when many changes happen to our bodies, emotions, and behaviors. We...

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