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Please include a photo along with a 1- 2 sentence bio. Submissions should be in the 400-800 word range.
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Parenting Special Needs Magazine is interested in connecting with like-minded individuals, professionals
(or not), teachers, caregivers, advocates, and Mothers and Fathers who share a similar vision.
Good, original, and informative content is always a goal of ours.


Reviews and Sponsored Posts

Everything that is written for Parenting Special Needs is created for our reader. If you would like your product or service to be highlighted or to be the “star” of our story, please contact me for further information and pricing.

If you would like to discuss a sponsorship opportunity, please feel free to contact Chantai at:

As far as reviews are concerned: Whether it is articles, testimonials, life lessons, guest columns, DVD’s, books, or other related topics, if you wish to present something to us, we will take a look at it, and if we feel it is something that our readership will benefit from, we will contact you regarding potential options to promote. This way, it becomes not just a “review” we’re offering, but, rather a “recommendation” as well, in hopes of guiding our audience to some alternatives they may or may not have known about that we feel deserves attention.

Submission Details

Email Submissions

Writers, photographers, contributing editors, and all related general submission inquiries feel free to contact us via email with your information or virtual press kit. Our requirements/guidelines are available here: PSN Submission Guidelines.pdf

We reserve the right to edit all articles, and can’t promise that your article will be published. However, we do keep submissions for possible use in the future.

To submit your articles, columns, and graphic images, email them to Please submit your article in a Microsoft Word document, supply photos/images separately from a word document. Photos/images are accepted in JPG, TIF, Or PDF format, with a minimum of 150 dpi. Video requirements: The video must be uploaded in either MP4, F4V, or FLV video format with the following requirements: The maximum filesize for a video is 100MB.

Mail Submissions

FOR PRODUCT REVIEWS: before you submit something to us via mail, please note the following:

  1. All equipment, products, samples, or related items, sent to Parenting Special Needs Magazine must be properly insured and those items being returned MUST be properly insured, both ways, by you/your company.
  2. Parenting Special Needs Magazine LLC, the publisher, its agents or assigns will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage, consequential or otherwise, of any items sent by You/Your Company.
  3. Those submitting artwork should not send originals unless specifically requested to do so by Parenting Special Needs Magazine in writing.
  4. By sending products, samples, or related items to Parenting Special Needs Magazine that you wish to have returned, you agree to all of the above.

If you should have any questions prior to submission, please contact the business office at 772-532-4423 or drop us an email.

To submit a press kit, product, media, or other items for consideration or review, send materials to:

Parenting Special Needs Magazine, LLC.
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