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College is NOW an Option for ALL

College is NOW an Option for ALL College is NOW an Option for ALL provides an exciting look into the expanding opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities (ID) to attend...


My Child’s Progression Report

Download: My Child’s Progression Report This PSN-created form will help you be as informed as possible with your child’s progress in school and/or therapeutic settings, while being able to share...


My Child’s Pre-IEP Worksheet

Download: My Child’s Pre-IEP Worksheet This PSN-created form will guide you to gather, organize and present your thoughts and ideas about your child at his or her all-important annual IEP...


Transition Planning Timeline (Checklist)

Download: Transition Planning Timeline Checklist Although our special needs children, as well as us as parents, need to learn to be comfortable with transitions in life, this PSN-created checklist talks...

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