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This is Me! Kids Art Projects 0

This is Me! Family Fun Art Project

Kids love making art projects. Kids love displaying their art work. Kids love playing in water. This inexpensive self-portrait project lets them do all three! This project is designed to...

Should My Child Attend the IEP Meeting 0

Should My Child Attend the IEP Meeting?

Should My Child Attend the IEP Meeting Many parents attend their child’s IEP meeting and advocate for their child. But, when should your child attend the meeting? Now that the...

Simple Finds: Summer Matters 0

Simple Finds: Summer Matters

  Cheap Sunglasses This summer add a little glamour with cheap sunglasses! I just love cheap sunglasses. No worries. If I lose them, or if someone sits on them, I...

Mommy’s Timeout Bora Bora 0

Mommy’s Timeout: Bora Bora

Take a time out and use Visualization Meditation to relax. Picture yourself here sailing in Bora Bora. Feel the tranquility. Take a couple of deep breaths and begin to let...