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Summertime Fun with Yoga 0

Summertime Fun with Yoga

The warm weather and possibilities of summer offer great incentive to enjoy the outdoors and breathe. What follows are entertaining yoga poses inspired by the season, as well as insight...

Functional & Edible Cereal Necklace 0

Functional & Edible Cereal Necklace

Edible Cereal Necklace Art can be beautiful and art can be functional, but isn’t it nice when it’s also edible? Give each child a piece of yarn, string, or fishing...

Let’s Dance 0

Let’s Dance

Chorography seems like the domain of expert dancer but as the African saying goes, “If you can talk you can sing and if you can walk you can dance!” In...

ASK Angie ASL - Holiday Signs 0

ASK Angie ASL – Holiday Signs

Holiday Signs Tips for working with the deaf 1. It’s important to remember that not all people can lip-read. Lip-reading is a skill that often requires a background knowledge of...

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