Fun Activities

Family Chat Going Places 0

Family Chat: Going Places

Learn about how families can use Positive Behavior Support to create routines when going out and about with their children. (May 2019) Video Link: Related Articles: Going Places: Improving...

House Guests A How To Using Positive Behavior Support! 0

House Guests: A How To

One of the many things that can cause stress for families with special needs children is the isolation they may experience from friends and family. Families may avoid gatherings or...

Oddles Of Noodles Hooray! Summer is Still Here! 0

Oddles Of Noodles

Hooray! Summer is Still Here! Barbeques, sunshine, blue skies, and plenty of vibrant colors surrounding us. It’s time to head outside and enjoy the weather. If you’re fortunate to own...


Tech Tips for Summer Fun

Tech Tips for summer fun Summer is almost here again! No school, no homework, fewer extracurricular activities. Perhaps where you live is getting back to “normal” or at least adjusting...


Summer Lessons Near and Far

Summer Lessons Near and Far MOVIE TIME Near: Lessons Children (and Adults) Can Learn from Movies Childhood movies do more than entertain us – they provide us with important life...

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Adaptive Play and Learning 0

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Learning math may be quite boring, but add a snowman (to the equation…haha) and the joy of learning comes to life. Building a snowman is always a generational favorite. So,...

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