ADVICE NEEDED! Homeschooling Curriculum For a Special Needs Child!

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  1. Avatar Kathy Kuhl says:

    There are thousands of people homeschooling kids with special needs. I did,and interviewed dozens. Choosing curriculm is like choosing shoes, as I explained in this post. Email me through the contact form elsewhere on, and I’ll be glad to make suggestions and connect you with resources. I don’t sell curriculum; so no conflict of interest.

  2. Avatar Cuzbeesbzz says:

    My guy is autistic, has spd, high anxiety, motor delays, fine and gross, and is dysgraphic. A modified version of unschooling works for us. For instance, right now he is completely into WWII so that is our main study, but I include ot and pt stuff in our days. We are extremely relaxed. We use Life Of Fred for math and Games For Writing to supplement. Check out Almost Unschoolers on Facebook. There is a private group and a community resource page. Both are good resources.

  3. Avatar Ashley Wright says:

    My friend has a special needs child that went to school for most of her grade school years simply out of necessity because she had to work to pay the bills. Now that she is married again she is homeschooling her middle school classes and her daughter is much happier and learning so much more.

  4. Avatar Chris James says:

    You are so right about this! It was so much better for entire family to have your child home instead of sending him to school. It makes a huge difference to everyone’s stress level when you aren’t dealing with school policies and administrative nightmares and homework meltdowns on top of the child’s own challenges!

  5. Avatar Karen Kelley-Roark says:

    My 11 year old son was born with “transposition of the great vessels” which left him extremely oxygen deprived the first four days of his life. He suffers now from anxiety, speech delay, depression, and gets bullied at school all the time because he is in special education classes. I want to homeschool him sooo badly to keep him from getting made fun of and bullied. Nobody wants to be his friend. He is so sweet and cute, but because he is in special ed….he is judged!!! Please help me! I want to keep him home. He is very unmotivated about school. He hates it with a purple passion!!!!

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