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The Letter of Intent

Download: The Letter of Intent Brief Description: The Letter of Intent is a letter of love to your child with special needs and those who will be entrusted with his...


Someone I Love Died (Short Story)

  Download: Someone I Love Died Our short story with visuals helps those with special needs better understand death, loss, grief, and mourning. Death is a natural part of life,...

Does Your Teen Struggle with Executive Function? 0

Does Your Teen Struggle with Executive Function?

5 Executive Function Tips Are you seeing that your teen consistently struggles in the same areas: task initiation, time management, prioritization, and organization? Like any other subject in school, these...

Mask As a Tool for Communication 0

Mask As a Tool for Communication

Masks can be so much fun to wear but did you know that masks have been part of our culture since 7000 B.C. From the masks of Camaroon in Africa...


Mommy’s Timeout: Lapland Landscape

Take a Time Out   Use visualization meditation to relax. Take a temporary timeout and view the Lapland, Finland. Take a couple of deep breaths and begin to let go...


What is Fragile X Syndrome (FXS)?

Fragile X syndrome is a genetic condition and the prevalence of FXS in males is estimated to be between 1 in 4000 and 1 in 7000, and in females between...

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