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My Childs Emergency Medical Information Cover 0

My Child’s Emergency Medical Information

Free Download: My Childs Emergency Medical Information “Sign up for FREE email download of ‘My Childs Emergency Medical Information’. You will receive news from Parenting Special Needs Magazine – 6...


Autism Emergency Contact Form

Free Download: Autism Emergency Contact Form What would your child do if there was an emergency if they eloped or got lost? Could they convey vital information to those trying...

Meet Franklin 0

Meet Franklin

Meet Franklin Ten-year-old Franklin has been described as the bright light in the room. Reserved at first, once you begin to engage with him and his favorite toys, he is...

Products and Tools for Success Moonjar 0

Products and Tools for Success: Moonjar

Moonjar With the Standard Moonjar, children learn basic money management principles that will fare them well in life. This version made of heavy duty cardstock, includes 3 compartments for save,...

Meet Nelson 0

Meet Nelson

Meet Nelson Known for his smile and infectious giggle, Nelson is a very sweet and friendly teenager. He enjoys crafts, games, and watching his favorite TV shows. He is quite...