Five Myths About Autism Fitness

Eric Chessen

Eric Chessen,M.S., YCS, is an Exercise Physiologist and the Founder of Autism Fitness. Developing fitness programs based in ABA methods and a best practices approach to applied exercise science, Eric has implemented exercise programs into homes and educational programs across the U.S. He writes for numerous autism publications and lectures worldwide. He is the creator of the Beyond Boundaries DVD series and the AutFit E-Book. For videos, products, services, and seminar information, visit Sign up for the AutFit E-newsletter at and get a FREE copy of "The Top 8 Exercises for Autism Fitness"

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  1. Stevi Brewbaker, CTRS says:

    I am a recreational therapist (CTRS) with a MS in Exercise Physiology. I currently work at an inpatient psychiatric hospital and my primary patients are individuals with ASD who are also aggressive. I do some fine motor activities with them, but my primary work is gross motor movement, typically using ideas I see you have presented. I just stumbled across your page today in working to put together a presentation for new medical residents and fellows joining our unit. It is always nice to find somebody with similar thoughts and ideas to what we believe. Thanks for sharing. So many folks believe these “myths,” and I am working daily to change these beliefs.

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