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Five Myths About Autism Fitness 1

Five Myths About Autism Fitness

I’ve made some deep footprints in soapboxes arguing that regular exercise should be a part of every educational and therapeutic curriculum for young individuals on the autism spectrum


Change is in the air…

By the time you read this, the North should be thawed out a bit….come to think of it, so should the South….the East and the West. The home stretch for


5 Special Camps

Find out about some very special camps for those with special needs


Alternative Reality: Fitness and Your Child

In years past, when in workshops or conventions, I would be informed that I would be grouped in the “Alternative Treatment” section. I’m not quite sure what fitness and play are alternative to

Yoga As Alternative 0

Yoga As Alternative Therapy

If you are looking for something therapeutic for your child that can be fun, economical, and done in a group, consider Adaptive yoga


Sensational Blessings

For an average child, someone else’s light touch on their skin would go almost unnoticed. But, for a child with SPD