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Eric Chessen,M.S., YCS, is an Exercise Physiologist and the Founder of Autism Fitness. Developing fitness programs based in ABA methods and a best practices approach to applied exercise science, Eric has implemented exercise programs into homes and educational programs across the U.S. He writes for numerous autism publications and lectures worldwide. He is the creator of the Beyond Boundaries DVD series and the AutFit E-Book. For videos, products, services, and seminar information, visit www.AUTISMFITNESS.com Sign up for the AutFit E-newsletter at www.ERICCHESSEN.com and get a FREE copy of "The Top 8 Exercises for Autism Fitness"

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Health and Wellness 0

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness A Red Panda. A Twenty foot tall ball of yarn. Both are specific, if uncommon visuals. Okay now… “Healthy living.” Whatcha got? A cornucopia filled with fruits...

Adapted PE for Reality 0

Adapted PE for Reality

Adapted PE So each year around late August I’m reminded of my school observation gigs in which I was hired to assess and critique adapted PE programs around the Northeast....

6 Summer Success Steps for Getting Active 0

6 Summer Success Steps for Getting Active

The June edition of every parent-related magazine since the dawn of the printing press has excitedly, in bold-font and capital letters, informed readers that Summer is the time to get...

Five Myths About Autism Fitness 1

Five Myths About Autism Fitness

I’ve made some deep footprints in soapboxes arguing that regular exercise should be a part of every educational and therapeutic curriculum for young individuals on the autism spectrum

The Folly of Fitness Focus a User’s Guide 0

The Folly of Fitness Focus a User’s Guide

Fitness Focus Alright, so this being the health issue should make my contribution easy, right? Then there’s the specificity of why fitness is important for health, or what health actually...

Gift Guide from the Fitness Guy 0

Gift Guide from the Fitness Guy

In spoiler alert fashion I will begin by stating that most of the stuff on this year’s fitness gift guide list appeared last year. Because it’s still just as great...