A Letter to the Sibling of a Child with Special Needs

A Letter to the Sibling of a Child with Special Needs

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  1. Avatar Karen says:

    Every grandparent and family member should read this letter. Many fail to understand what goes on in a family with a special needs child. It is not business as usual. I pray this article falls into the hands of those who need a wake-up call and they realize and are willing to give their love and support to these parents who so desperately need it. Well said Jennifer. You have touched the hearts of many!

  2. Avatar jackiec720 says:

    thank you for this! I have a 15 year old daughter and a 7 year old daughter with special needs. This could not have been said ANY better!!!

  3. Avatar anonymous says:

    i found this and instantly was grateful for your words. i am a sister of a special needs sibling. i have always felt lonely and at most felt like an only child and uncared for. most of my childhood i felt as if my nannies were the ones who brought me up, as my brother needed all the attention from my parents. as i didn’t know any-different i though it was normal for a while then suddenly realised it wasn’t and was so ashamed of him; now i am ashamed to say i was ashamed of him even if it was just for a short amount of time, i did love him and still do and always will, he is my brother and i wouldn’t change him for the world. i also wouldn’t know how i could live without him he has made me into who i am today which i know is a better person and i am proud to have him. i am also grateful that a parent realises that sometimes we need to be reminded that we are loved the same too.

  4. Avatar Sue Park says:

    Is this magazine in print where you can receive in mail not just on the computer?

  5. Hi Sue: Thank you for asking, we are online interactive magazine only. You can access us anytime, anywhere read or listen to articles on any mobile device. Here is more information about us.https://www.parentingspecialneeds.org/subscribe/

  6. Avatar Nancy McCarthy says:

    Made me cry. I love children of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, but, I agree that we need to take care of those siblings often have to play the role of an adult and lose their on childhoods. Love them and pray for them. They are special people, no matter what their age.

  7. Avatar Paul says:

    Lovely words and at 47 now with a brother with pmld and epilepsy who is 45 and we are lucky to still have him. Growing up in the 70s and 80s was not easy and people could be cruel and make really hurtful comments, I felt very alone but had an overwhelming desire to protect my brother which got me into all sorts of bother. Forums like this are invaluable and I wish that it had been around back then as I know it would definitely helped me understand I was not alone. I love my brother with all my heart and we have an unbreakable bond and deep understanding of each other despite the fact he cannot speak or make his feelings known to others and the lessons he has taught me have been the most valuable in my life to date. Cherish every day with your sibling and always remember others are not as lucky as we are to have someone so special in there lives who teach us so much

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