What Is It REALLY Like to Have Nurses in Your Home?

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  1. Avatar Pamela says:

    I have only had a day nurse for a bit over 3 years now. I’m still not ready to agree to a night nurse. It feels so invasive and intrusive on my private life. I have to have a little bit of time with my son all to myself. It’s almost exhausting that I feel like there is hardly any down time with him now. Currently, my home is invaded by “staff” for about 55 hours a week, son’s dad invades on the weekend (Friday night through Sunday night…ugg) since there is so much equipment that kiddo can’t go to dad’s house. I’m left with only a few hours on Monday thru Friday with him and even less time all by myself (when little one goes to sleep). Granted, I do get a few things done that previously I was worried about taking my son with me to do (people in the world could get him sick) or yard work that I used to have to pay others to do. Even with all that, I would really prefer that I only had nursing 2 or 3 days a week so I could have more time with my son all by myself.

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