Wanted Veterans of Adaptation 0

Wanted: Veterans of Adaptation

  We’ve Got This! As parents of children with special needs, we have all experienced some degree of uncertainty and isolation in dealing with our child’s diagnosis. We had dreamed...

Can I Get Help with My Child's Behavior Key Themes in Positive Behavior Support A Decade in Review 0

Can I Get Help with My Child’s Behavior?

Key Themes in Positive Behavior Support: A Decade in Review Being a parent, at times, feels like a referee making calls in a daily championship sporting event. Children can have...

College Programs Closer Than You Think 0

College Programs: Closer Than You Think

College Programs At a time when other parents of high school students are busy looking into college options for their students, some parents may worry what that means for their...

Born This Way Is Paving the Way! 0

Born This Way Is Paving the Way!

Born This Way Born This Way is an American reality television series produced by Bunim/ Murray Productions. The series features seven adults with Down syndrome who inspire others and send...

Monitoring Progress 0

Monitoring Progress

Monitoring Progress This is the final installment of a six-article series on positive behavior support PBS. The previous articles focused on identifying goals and behaviors of concern, gathering information to...

DIY Adaptive Utensils 0

DIY Adaptive Utensils

DIY Adaptive Utensils Does Your Child Need help holding utensils? If you have a child that just needs a “little extra grip” but not necessarily girth, you can use “liner”...

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