Tips for When Your Special Needs Daughter Gets Her Period

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  1. Avatar Leanne says:

    I have Asperger Syndrome (High-Functioning Autism), and I sometimes feel like I can barely control what comes out of my mouth when I’m PMSing! I get SO irritable and sensitive during the 1-2 weeks before my period that I feel like I can barely control what I say and do! I asked my mom if she thought about what would happen when I got my period, when I was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at age 2 1/2. She said she thought I would have a handle on it (and I did handle it pretty maturely even though I was 10 when I got my period), because I’m high-functioning. I asked her if she worried that I would suffer from intense PMS. She said she didn’t worry too much about it because PMS is not too intense for her. It looks like she had to worry, though. I have tried taking vitamin B Super-b complex tablets and Calcium supplements. One month, I tried taking both, and I hardly noticed that I was PMSing! I have recently gone on a birth control pill, but I’m not sure yet whether or not it works for me.

  2. Avatar Shawn Lejeune says:

    My daughter is 9 and will be turning 10 in February and I am totally freaked out about her period starting she is pretty much nonverbal she can get her point across knows some words and she has phelan-mcderrid syndrome a rare chromosome deletion disability that affects a wide range of things to speech,metal delays,understanding,metal processing and other issues that a lot of autistic children experience I don’t know how she will handle it or if she can even understand what it is and why it is happening to her and I have this gut feeling that it is gonna just freak her out and this is just got me all screwed up in my head I don’t know what to do and there aren’t any other children close to us that I know of that I can get advice from there parents on how they handled this because this syndrome is so rare last I was told there is only about 800-900 known cases in the United States and doctors don’t know much about this syndrome which is scary enough daughter right now is very well mannered don’t get me wrong she has her moments but not being able to vocalize fustrates her so much so along with not haveing a way to communicate to me how she is feeling mentally or physical it is so hard for me to see her struggle even though she does it all with a smile so this period thing I know is comeing close and I don’t have the slightest clue how she will take it and as far as the schools in south louisiana I already know they r gonna give us hell cause as far as the schools over here r concerned with the disabiled population they can care less lots all about putting on a show now the few teachers that I have had the pleasure of meeting that have taught my daughter only two have really put there heart and soul into her education and really got to know her and love her and I couldn’t thank them more as far as the others they were not special education teachers when it came down to it they all just found a reason to move along to anthor school which sets her back even more they suck and they know who they r and I sure make sure every parent I talk to knows about them and there ugly ways toward our kids they don’t deserve to even know our kids anyways back to the period thing if anyone can suggest anything or anyone I could talk to about it…. I begging y’all I need help I love my daughter more the words can say so I have to find a way to help her. Thank u

    Shawn Lejeune (luvin me some sage Lejeune )

    Please help

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