Family Chat Practical Tips For Puberty 0

Family Chat: Practical Tips For Puberty

“Puberty! Ready or not, it is our time to guide our children through. It’s a natural stage of development when many changes happen to our bodies, emotions, and behaviors. We...

Say “Aah” Successful Trips to the Dentist 0

Say “Aah” Successful Trips to the Dentist

Successful Trips to the Dentist It is estimated that approximately 20% of adults fear dental treatment to the point that they put off necessary visits. Children with disabilities may be...


Staying Healthy In School {Tip 26 of 31}

Since it’s virtually impossible to escape germs in school, the key is to learn how to be proactive in preventing these illnesses. The start of a new school year exposes...

Ask Special Parents Brushing Teeth 0

Ask Special Parents: Brushing Teeth

Brushing Teeth ADVICE NEEDED: I’ve been having battles with my 12 yr old son over tooth brushing – he will do anything to avoid it. Yes, it is a sensory...

Ask Special Parents: Oral Care 0

Ask Special Parents: Oral Care

Any suggestions for dealing with oral care battles in ‘tween years would be greatly appreciated. My ten year old son with autistic disorder and hates to brush or have his...

Spa Day 0

Spa Day

Spa Day Young people with special needs face many challenges academically, socially, and vocationally. Another area that is often challenging is grooming and personal hygiene. For people with ASD, these...

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