Family Chat Practical Tips For Puberty 0

Family Chat: Practical Tips For Puberty

“Puberty! Ready or not, it is our time to guide our children through. It’s a natural stage of development when many changes happen to our bodies, emotions, and behaviors. We...

Say “Aah” Successful Trips to the Dentist 0

Say “Aah” Successful Trips to the Dentist

Successful Trips to the Dentist It is estimated that approximately 20% of adults fear dental treatment to the point that they put off necessary visits. Children with disabilities may be...


Staying Healthy In School {Tip 26 of 31}

Since it’s virtually impossible to escape germs in school, the key is to learn how to be proactive in preventing these illnesses. The start of a new school year exposes...

Ask Special Parents Brushing Teeth 0

Ask Special Parents: Brushing Teeth

Brushing Teeth ADVICE NEEDED: I’ve been having battles with my 12 yr old son over tooth brushing – he will do anything to avoid it. Yes, it is a sensory...

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