The Parents’ Guide to Wheelchair Van Shopping

The Parents’ Guide to Wheelchair Van Shopping

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  1. Avatar John says:

    I’d have to agree with you when you say “Your Seating Requirements”. It can simply slip your mind that you won;t have enough room if you concentrate only on where the wheelchair will go.

  2. This is some really good information about wheelchair vans. My grandfather is in a wheelchair and he is going to start living with my parents soon. So, having a van that we can get this wheelchair in would be really nice. I like that you talked about how you should be looking at your seating requirements as well. It does seem like it would be smart for my parents to do because they will still need to take other people in the van as well.

  3. Avatar Afton Jackson says:

    My grandmother’s mobility has been declining. She has to go to the doctor often, so our family is looking for good vehicle to take her. I didn’t know that there are so many features in modern vans that can help people move about even easier. I’ll make sure to share this info with my family.

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