Avoiding Meltdowns During Theme Park Vacations

Avoiding Meltdowns During Theme Park Vacations

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  1. Avatar Nianya says:

    “We had spent weeks prior to the trip talking about Disney World.” should have been the clue to the resulting ” . . .”
    She was completely overwhelmed.”
    As the mother of two autistic children I have to say that $100/day per person at Disney or some other similar theme park just isn’t worth it for a child who will be overwhelmed. It’s much more fun for the child to take short day trips to an aquarium, the zoo, a fun museum or the beach. Let them choose.

  2. Great advice!

    Especially the one about allowing your child to take the lead.  This is why I only go to places like this with my husband so one of us can stay with my son who has Autism while the other can move on with the other two kids.
    I’ll add this one: Bring along headphones. 

    My son gets overwhelmed with unexpected noises, so noise-cancelling headphones help him feel more in control.  We discovered that they can also get wet without getting ruined, which helped when we were at a park that also had water attractions.

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