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Cynthia Carr Falardeau is the parent of Wyatt, a child with special needs, who is amazing. Wyatt has a limb difference. He has been diagnosed with Autism and Apraxia. Wyatt has developmental delays that include speech, sensory integration, and appropriate socialization. Ms. Falardeau will tell you that she is a mom who is always in “the trenches.” She is constantly advocating for her son. Ms. Falardeau’s passion is being Wyatt’s parent, a role she shares with her husband, Jim in Vero Beach, Florida. Ms. Falardeau is the Executive Director of the Education Foundation of Indian River County and serves on several community and state-wide boards. She is a graduate of Albion College. Ms. Falardeau enjoys encouraging other special needs families through her writing and public speaking. Her work has been published by CNN, Scripps Newspapers, Parenting Special Needs and Florida Parenting Today. Her prayer is for parents, family members, teachers and community members to realize that everyone is special, different and capable of contributing to this world. “Sometime the smallest gifts make the greatest impact. We just have to open our hearts and minds to the limitless possibilities.”

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The Gift of a Limb 0

The Gift of a Limb

The Gift of a Limb Preparing to Receive a Gift: January 16, 2003 was possibly the darkest day of my life. The sight of our son, Wyatt’s, black and lifeless...

The High Cost of Autism 0

The High Cost of Autism

The High Cost of Autism I can’t even begin to explain what it was like to see our son, Wyatt, open the elementary school production of “Rock & Roll Forever.”...

Developing Your Own Network 0

Developing Your Own Network

LISTEN TO AUDIO VERSION OF ARTICLE My advocacy began, like many other parents, before my son was born. I was diagnosed as a “high risk” pregnancy. My list of complications...

IEP Prep: Using the Mama Bear Strategy 0

IEP Prep: Using the Mama Bear Strategy

I am an equal opportunity offender. I can’t help myself. I can be calm and collected in many intense business settings. However, when it comes to my son, hell hath not seen the furry, of my Mama Bear rage!