Sept/Oct 2021

10 Tips to Help Prepare for College 0

10 Tips to Help Prepare for College

As more people discover the programs available to students with ID, the more likely it is that the competition for these “classroom seats” will get greater and greater. Western Carolina...


Dealing with Grief and Darkness

Grief and Darkness Each day we live can bring us joy, laughter, relief, and love. It can also bring us sadness, pain, and loss. Although the good events in our...

2021 College NOW! Cover 0

2021 College NOW! Cover

College NOW! The University of Cincinnati Online provides high-quality, online academic programs from our premier research and higher learning institution. Our mission at UC Online is to provide a flexible...


Hula Hoop Time

Hula Hoops have been around (and played with) for as long as I can remember; I believe before 500 BC. Hula hoops were one of the most popular toys when...

Millicent Nicole Huser Shares With Us 0

Millicent Nicole Huser Shares With Us…

Millicent Nicole Huser College is a goal for many, so it is “on the radar” early on in their lives. They prepare for it by taking certain classes, joining certain...

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