Cerebral Palsy


Honoring the Legendary Dick Hoyt

“Yes, you can!” – Richard (“Dick”) Hoyt, Sr. (American inspiration for runners, fathers, and disabled athletes) Inspiration and Encouragement for Special Needs Fathers When you think of the word “dedication,”...

Dreams Made True: New Wonders for Walking 0

Dreams Made True: New Wonders for Walking

Daleney, 12, has suffered from cerebral palsy since she was born. Daleney has always been faced with obstacles and limitations but she has constantly strived to make improvements in her...

Holiday Cherished Lesley & Jake 0

Holiday Cherished: Lesley & Jake

Lesley & Jake My name is Lesley, and I am a single mum to my beautiful son, Jake. Jake is 7 next month and has Cerebral Palsy. My story takes...