ADVICE NEEDED! My child hysterically laughs, hits, kicks and pulls my hair

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  1. Avatar Jessica says:

    I’m a PCA for a six year old boy. He’s constantly throwing, climbing, laughing and running away. My biggest issue is when his sister is around. For this I’ll call her Suzie. He just starts laughing and saying “hit Suzie, hit Suzie” over and over again and hits and kicks her while laughing. I try to ask him why he wants to hit her, give alternatives (hit a pillow etc…), safe holds, safe spot…Nothing is working. Any tips?

  2. Avatar Howaida says:

    Hi Jessica, I know it’s almost 2 years since the above post about the 6 year old who is constantly throwing and hitting his sister. My son is almost 8 and is doing the exact same thing. Throwing and hitting and then laughs thinking it’s very funny.

    Has it got better? What methods are being used? How is it being treated or dealt with?.

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