ADVICE NEEDED! Hiking Carrier that Can Hold Larger Children

Shannon Colon

Shannon Colon

I have had the honor of working and being a part of the Parenting Special Needs Magazine family since 2011. My responsibilities include keeping up with trending topics pertaining to our readers. I concentrate on drawing in our target market and keeping our social media sites active and informative.

3 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    The freeloader. Just saw someone using it. Perfect for you!

  2. Charlene Kew says:

    Rachel coleman used a deuter kid comfort 3 ….
    My daughter has cp and uses a power wheelchair …. she is 8yrs old and about 60 pounds …. i use the kid comfort 3 also …. used it for a 4.5 hr hike 🙂
    I added extra padding ect

  3. Claudia Mann says:

    The Freeloader is the best carrier I have seen used with larger children and children who are special needs.

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