Staying Calm While in the Chaos of the Storm

[Click to Listen to Podcast] Staying calm while in the chaos of the storm In today’s Purposeful Conversation, we’re talking with Dr. Paula Petry, about “staying calm while in the...

Using Visual Strategies To Improve Behavior 0

Using Visual Strategies to Improve Behavior

Using Visual Strategies To Improve Behavior Children with special needs sometimes have difficulty remembering what is expected of them or deciphering cues from their social and physical environment. Frustration and...

A Review...What Is Special Education 0

A Review…What Is Special Education

  From Early Intervention to Special Education Services As I sat at our first IEP meeting transitioning from Early Intervention to Part B for our daughter who is legally blind,...

Health and Wellness 0

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness A Red Panda. A Twenty foot tall ball of yarn. Both are specific, if uncommon visuals. Okay now… “Healthy living.” Whatcha got? A cornucopia filled with fruits...

Monitoring Progress 0

Monitoring Progress

Monitoring Progress This is the final installment of a six-article series on positive behavior support PBS. The previous articles focused on identifying goals and behaviors of concern, gathering information to...

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