2019 Cover Winner Yomi & Kofi Karade 0

2019 Cover Winner: Yomi & Kofi Karade

Yomi & Kofi Karade On our cover this month is Kofi Karade, 17, and his very proud mother, Yomi. Kofi has been diagnosed with autism, albinism, ADHD, as well as...

Leandro Teaches a Lesson 0

Leandro Teaches a Lesson

Leandro was diagnosed with Autism. To his mom, dad and even me, his therapist, a better description would be Difficult. Very Difficult. Leandro had opinions and mostly they were “No”....

Sharing “I CAN!” attitudes: Kelsey 0

Sharing “I CAN!” attitudes: Kelsey

Kelsey Shares a Proud Moment My hero is my daughter, Kelsey Norris, age 13. Kelsey is on the autism spectrum – Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) and has Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome. She is...