Sept/Oct 2019

College Programs Closer Than You Think 0

College Programs: Closer Than You Think

College Programs At a time when other parents of high school students are busy looking into college options for their students, some parents may worry what that means for their...

Mommys Timeout Koyoto Fall Colors 0

Mommy’s Timeout: Koyoto Fall Colors

  Take a time out and use visualization meditation to relax. Imagine yourself enjoying the fall colors in Koyoto, Japan. Take a couple of deep breaths and begin to let...

Break It Down: Tech Tools for Task Analysis 0

Break It Down Tech Tools for Task Analysis

Tech Tools for Task Analysis How do we teach our children independence? How do we define “independence”? Independence is usually defined differently by each parent based on their child’s abilities...

Independence and Self-Advocacy 0

Independence and Self-Advocacy

Independence and Self-Advocacy Many years ago there was a book that I read by Jennie McCarthy. It was about her son and his journey with autism. Throughout the book, she...

What Is Blindness/Visual Impairment? 0

What Is Blindness/Visual Impairment?

What is Blindness/Visual Impairment? -Blindness: Complete or nearly complete vision loss Many people regard blindness as the inability to see at all or to discern light from darkness – Legally...

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