Tech Tips for Back-to-School Success 0

Tech Tips for Back to School Success

Take notes in real-time Build real-time transcripts that cater to different learning styles It’s that time again, summer is winding down and we will be getting ready to send our...

College Programs Closer Than You Think 0

College Programs: Closer Than You Think

College Programs At a time when other parents of high school students are busy looking into college options for their students, some parents may worry what that means for their...

College Bound A Journey to Independence 0

College Bound: A Journey to Independence

College Bound: A Journey to Independence Our son, Clayton, started college this fall along with three of his closest friends. Originally, we planned to create a supported living residence for...

Parent’s Perspective Lindy Lee 0

Parent’s Perspective: Lindy Lee

Lindy Lee Public vs Private: Our Experience We are the Lee’s, an intercultural family with two special needs children living with Autism and Anxiety in Ann Arbor, Michigan. When our...

Parent’s Perspective Schyla Crown 0

Parent’s Perspective: Schyla Crown

Schyla Crown Public vs Private: Our Experience Our 12-year-old attended a public head start program at age four. Her teacher was able to reach her and even had her ahead...

How Positive Behavior Support Can Work in a School Setting 0

How Positive Behavior Support Can Work In A School Setting

Working Together: Family-School Collaboration in Positive Behavior Support Positive behavior support (PBS) combines the principles of applied behavior analysis with person, family, and system-centered practices to improve behavior and quality...

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