Positive Behavior Support

Family Chat Going Places 0

Family Chat: Going Places

Learn about how families can use Positive Behavior Support to create routines when going out and about with their children. (May 2019) Video Link: https://vimeo.com/336346356/b1b4b9b04d Related Articles: Going Places: Improving...


Co-Parenting with PBS

Picture a child holding their hands over their ears, with two adults in the background. The child, looking distraught, turns around to face the adults, hits themselves, and runs into...

Family Chat Teaching Flexibility In Uncertain Times 0

Family Chat: Teaching Flexibility In Uncertain Times

Interested about flexibility, how to teach flexibility, and preparing for changes? Check out this recorded family to family chat. (Apr. 2021) Video: https://youtu.be/RVuVYel5kQM Related article: Related Article: Their Tears and...


Step by Step: Being a Replacement Teacher

In our previous article, ‘Why is Challenging Behavior Happening?’, we examined the circumstances and outcomes that explain why behavioral challenges occur. One of the key take-aways is that, in order...


Family Chat: Feeling Alone? GAP Can Help!

Have you ever experienced that overwhelming feeling that hits you in the gut or throat? That Oh NO… we’re going to have to do this by ourselves. Well, Nancy Rosenberg...

PBS for Families Shelter in Place! 0

Family Chat: Shelter-In Place

In this video families share what was the most challenging things for them during the stay-at-home orders. Tips and tools on how to thrive with sheltering place is provided. (May...

Why Is the Challenging Behavior Happening 0

Why Is the Challenging Behavior Happening?

Challenging Behavior Happening? Many parents of children with intellectual, developmental, or medical disabilities seek support for their children’s ‘challenging behavior’, but what does challenging behavior actually mean? This can be...

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