Jan/Feb 2021

Meet Josiah 0

Meet Josiah

In Josiah, 9 years old, you will find where radiance and joy meet! He is all laughs and smiles when interacting with those he cherishes. Josiah will convey what he...

Making Learning Fun Teaching Pivotal Skills 0

Making Learning Fun: Teaching Pivotal Skills

Teaching Pivotal Skills Jordan is a four-year-old child with autism. He has a limited vocabulary and typically communicates his needs and wants by acting out, aggressively. This behavior has become...

Meet Early Steps Take Your First Steps With Early Steps 0

Take Your First Steps With Early Steps

Take your first steps with Early Steps The welcoming of a new child can bring parents a plethora of emotions. Who will they look like? How can we best care...

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Adaptive Play and Learning 0

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Learning math may be quite boring, but add a snowman (to the equation…haha) and the joy of learning comes to life. Building a snowman is always a generational favorite. So,...

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