Be Gym Ready at School 0

Be Gym Ready at School

IS YOUR CHILD KINDERGARTEN GYM READY? Transitioning from preschool to elementary school can be overwhelming for both the child and the parents. Children who begin kindergarten with a solid foundation...


Indoor Golf

Are you one of those golf enthusiasts who despises the cold weather? Surely there may be places near you to visit to fulfill your golf addiction. Golf simulators are very...

Oddles Of Noodles Hooray! Summer is Still Here! 0

Oddles Of Noodles

Hooray! Summer is Still Here! Barbeques, sunshine, blue skies, and plenty of vibrant colors surrounding us. It’s time to head outside and enjoy the weather. If you’re fortunate to own...

Lets Help More Families GoTo Cart 0

Let’s Help More Families: GoTo Cart

GoTo Cart Shop Our goal: 1 in #EverySupermarket Transforming shopping trips for special needs families The Firefly GoTo Shop is an adapted shopping cart suitable for kids with special needs...

DIY Adaptive Utensils 0

DIY Adaptive Utensils

DIY Adaptive Utensils Does Your Child Need help holding utensils? If you have a child that just needs a “little extra grip” but not necessarily girth, you can use “liner”...

Physical Fitness and the IEP 0

Physical Fitness and the IEP

The purpose of an IEP, by definition and design, is to incorporate a student-centered curriculum, or elements of a curriculum, that make sense for him or her.