Natural Remedies for the Gut-Brain Connection

Natural Remedies for the Gut-Brain Connection

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  1. Avatar Beverly Garcia says:

    Just curious about this saying to avoid nuts because of inflammatory properties, then farther down the article it says to consume nuts…..

    • Avatar Bev says:

      I saw that too. As with anything, I believe you have to do what works for your family & be well informed to the advantages & downfalls of everything. But we Mama’s know what our child can tolerate.

  2. Avatar Lorna says:

    Perfect analysis. As a person who has experienced nutrition related ailments, I can attest to everything you said in your article. It is my mantra for living healthy and complete. Every holiday I would “get sick,” but no one in my family seems to make the connection with food sensitivity/allergies. I found out I was allergic to chocolate during Easter season. Thanksgiving was another holiday where I discovered my sensitivity to dairy and wheat./gluten products. Consequently, when I went to get nutritional counseling and followed a prescribed plan for addressing my medical issues related to food, I became much better and was able to include an exercise regiment into my lifestyle. I was surprised how some autoimmune diseases such as RA can improve. On the other hand, when I reintroduce certain foods back into my diet the symptoms reappear in a greater magnitude than before. Do you have a book? I would love to read it! Thanks much!

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