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Douglas Haddad, Ph.D.
Dr. Douglas Haddad has been a public school science teacher for 15 years in Simsbury, Connecticut and has worked with children as a coach, performance enhancement specialist, mentor, tutor, and inspirational speaker. He is About.com's Learning Disabilities Expert and the author of a parenting/child guidance book Save Your Kids…Now! The Revolutionary Guide To Helping Youth Conquer Today’s Challenges. He is one of the pioneer Internet radio hosts for a health, fitness, and lifestyle talk show “THE DR. DOUG SHOW.” Recently, he has traveled across the country speaking to children and adults and getting everyone involved in what he has coined “THE SUPER HEALTH REVOLUTION!” and has been featured on major television networks, radio programs, and in national magazines providing advice on empowering children and assisting in their maturation, decision-making, overall development, and well-being.

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What is Dysnomia? 0

What is Dysnomia?

Definition: Dysnomia is a learning disability that is categorized by a difficulty in remembering names or recalling words from memory needed for oral or written expressive language. The individual may...