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What Is Blindness/Visual Impairment? 0

What Is Blindness/Visual Impairment?

What is Blindness/Visual Impairment? -Blindness: Complete or nearly complete vision loss Many people regard blindness as the inability to see at all or to discern light from darkness – Legally...

Hunter Syndrome a Mother’s Journey 0

Hunter Syndrome a Mother’s Journey

Hunter Syndrome 3.95 million children were born in the US in 2016. For most of these children a cough, cold or runny nose is normal, but for 1 in 162...

Profits & Non-Profits Working Side-By-Side 0

Profits & Non-Profits Working Side-By-Side

Profits & Non-Profits More and more we are seeing “for profit” and “non-profit” organization coming together. We sat down with Evan Delahanty to learn more about the partnership his company...

Lets Help More Families GoTo Cart 0

Let’s Help More Families: GoTo Cart

GoTo Cart Shop Our goal: 1 in #EverySupermarket Transforming shopping trips for special needs families The Firefly GoTo Shop is an adapted shopping cart suitable for kids with special needs...

Should My Child Attend the IEP Meeting 0

Should My Child Attend the IEP Meeting?

Should My Child Attend the IEP Meeting Many parents attend their child’s IEP meeting and advocate for their child. But, when should your child attend the meeting? Now that the...

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