Cashew Cream Sauce (Vegan) 0

Cashew Cream Sauce (Vegan)

Cashew Cream Sauce This recipe was adapted from Alina Z. This cashew cream sauce is a delicious, healthy and vegan-friendly option that can replace cheese in most dishes. Most cream...

Cooking with Kids: Health(ier) Dirt Cups 0

Cooking with Kids: Health(ier) Dirt Cups

Make Cooking Fun And Educational: Health(ier) Dirt Cups Made with healthy, microwave chocolate pudding Now you can serve this healthy little treat in no time at all to satisfy those...

“Foodie” Fun for Kids: Dry Rub Ribs 0

“Foodie” Fun for Kids: Dry Rub Ribs

Encouraging Speech & Creating Yum! History So, I got this recipe, years back, while watching the food network. Unfortunately, I don’t know the chef that created it, but throughout the...

Baby Spinach Salad 0

Baby Spinach Salad

Recipe Courtesy of Melissa Petitto, Author of 30-minute Paleo Meals This simple salad is a colorful and versatile choice for a casual dinner at home or an elegant party. Preparation Time:...


“Foodie” Fun for Kids: Panko Crusted Fish

Encouraging Speech & Creating Yum! Ingredients: 4 pieces of fish fillets (any favored white fish works) 2 tbsp Parmesan cheese 2 teaspoons dijon mustard 1-2 teaspoons Worcestershire (to taste) 1...

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