GFCF Holiday Cookie Recipes

Amber Lee, a mother of six, 3 on the Autism Spectrum, and a husband with celiac disease, shared her son’s favorite gluten-free, casein-free cookie recipes

Cooking with Kids: Watermelon Cake Encouraging Speech & Creating Yum! 0

Cooking with Kids: No-Bake Watermelon Cake

No-Bake Watermelon Cake Encourage Learning and Speech while Creating Yum! Watermelon Cake is a summer tradition in our house. I just love that this recipe is so simple to make...

Cooking With Kids Egg-Sicles 0

Cooking With Kids: Egg-Sicles

Encouraging Speech & Creating Yum! Egg-Sicles Egg-sicles are an egg-cellent activity/recipe for Spring! We are always trying to figure out healthier, sweet treat options for the kids and family to...

Cooking With Kids: Easy Cheesy Grilled Waffles 0

Cooking With Kids: Easy Cheesy Grilled Waffles

Encouraging Speech & Creating Yum! Easy Cheesy Grilled Waffles Who doesn’t like waffles? More importantly, who doesn’t like the comfort of a warm, grilled cheese sandwich? Add the two together...

Holidays Require Candy 0

Holidays Require Candy

Holidays Require Candy People on special diets can still enjoy the holidays; it just takes a little bit of extra planning and organizing! Besides family, the most important thing about...

Cooking with Kids Black Bean Brownies 0

Cooking with Kids: Black Bean Brownies

Encouraging Speech & Creating Yum! Black Bean Brownies Brownies, how about adding some nutritional goodness like protein and fiber into this sweet treat? Try these black bean brownies. Don’t let...