Power of Play

Modifi® Go Fish 0

Modifi® Go Fish

Go Fish Getting in the game sometimes requires modifications in order to be successful. Handy card holders are perfect for children or adults who have trouble holding a handful of...

Beyond Bubbles 0

Beyond Bubbles

Ah, the magic of bubble solution. What therapist or parent hasn’t used this tool, over and over and over again?


Cereal Box Puzzles

Cereal Box Puzzles Cereal and cracker boxes can be used to make an instant puzzle. This is a good way to recycle, reuse and educate. Cut out the front and...

Functional & Edible Cereal Necklace 0

Functional & Edible Cereal Necklace

Edible Cereal Necklace Art can be beautiful and art can be functional, but isn’t it nice when it’s also edible? Give each child a piece of yarn, string, or fishing...

Let’s Dance 0

Let’s Dance

Chorography seems like the domain of expert dancer but as the African saying goes, “If you can talk you can sing and if you can walk you can dance!” In...

Who Is in the Box? 0

Who Is in the Box?

Who Is in the Box? If your child or client is going into an inclusive classroom at school this fall, s/he may have some difficult moments trying to fit in...


Social Games in Shallow Water

There is something about water that can invite calm play. Maybe it’s the comforting way water holds your body, the silky feel of it on your skin, the blue color,...