Snacks That Go the Distance 0

Snacks That Go the Distance

Being health conscious and having a busy schedule can sometimes be complicated. Sometimes snacks and meals are pushed back and you and your family are left starving for


Raising a Successful College Graduate

Children with special needs have experienced more frustration and academic failure than most other children. Yet, some of them become successful college students who graduate with a specialty in

GFCF on a Budget 0

GFCF on a Budget

One comment I always hear regarding the GFCF diet is about the expense. So many families are reluctant to


Through A Dogs Eyes

PBS documentary ‘Through a Dog’s Eyes’ looks at assistance dogs and children

Team Players 0

Team Players

Krissy Peterson loves sports, especially basketball. Like many young adults, she’s excited to get out on


Planning a Move: Mapping Your Strategy

Moving to a new location disrupts your life! For any family this can be a time of chaos. There is the adventure of newness, but also a maddening confusion. Everything and everyone is certainly somewhere, but where?