Guide Your Special Needs Child to Expect Success!

Children with special learning needs have experienced more failure and disappointment than other children. Parenting children with special learning needs can be difficult, and calls forth from their parents an extra measure of

Bubble Blowing Game 0

Bubble Blowing Game

Take out a bubble wand and a jar of bubbles and blow and every kid (and grown-up) gets captivated. In this game, they can make all the bubbles they want...

Balloon Baseball Game 0

Balloon Baseball Game

Balloons are always one of the best toys because they attract attention and they are light and easy to play with. This game uses the balloon as the ball in...

Penny Flick Game 0

Penny Flick Game

This is a quickly organized social and fine motor game with an easy to find material, pennies. Partner two children across from each other or have children sitting around a...

Dump and Fill Game 0

Dump and Fill Game

Enjoying filling and dumping out objects is a stage in every child’s development. In this game it’s the filling step that is the changing challenge. Setup If you use a...


The Birthday Party: Wise Beyond Her Years

Each of us experienced rejection from peers at some point growing up and we now watch as our own children experience it as well. It is painful to see our children get hurt. However,