Angels on Stage 0

Angels on Stage

Angels on Stage Perception, Not Perfection The excitement at the rehearsal studio each Saturday morning is palpable. As each of the actors and actresses enter the room, they high-five their...

Avoiding Unmatched Expectations 0

Avoiding Unmatched Expectations

The demise of any relationship is the result of unmatched expectations. The same is true for parent – school relationships. Too often I talk to parents of children with special...

Hopes & Dreams Where Are ALL the Children? 0

Hopes & Dreams Where Are ALL the Children?

Hopes & Dreams When my son, Christian, was born, I was taught very quickly about discrimination, segregation, separate programs and isolation away from his non-disabled peers. I have never understood...


Advocating for Your Child

Good special education services are intensive and expensive. Resources are limited. If you have a child with special needs, you may wind up battling the school district for the services your child needs. To prevail, you need information, skills, and