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Jamie Sumner is mother to a son with cerebral palsy and twins. On her website http://mom-gene.com, she writes with humor about the daily life of a special needs parent and shares easy activities that incorporate therapy and play in the home. She aims to provide parents with the resources and support they need to empower their children.

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How to Help Your Child Manage Spring Fever 0

How to Help Your Child Manage Spring Fever

Daylight Savings time is around the corner. The days will be growing longer; the birds out your window will be louder and humming with energy…and so will your kids. It’s...

DIY Adaptive Utensils 0

DIY Adaptive Utensils

DIY Adaptive Utensils Does Your Child Need help holding utensils? If you have a child that just needs a “little extra grip” but not necessarily girth, you can use “liner”...