Christina Bartlett


Make & Go Trail Mix

You can pack it in snack bags and it is ready to go wherever you go- the grocery store, running errands, the amusement park, etc.

Healthy Summer Traveling 0

Healthy Summer Traveling

Healthy Summer Traveling It is important to take some time to plan ahead before you travel. This can be the deciding factor on how much you and your family will...

Healthy & Convenient? 0

Healthy & Convenient?

Healthy & Convenient? Sometimes you don’t have time to pack a healthy snack because life happens and things happen. Instead, you may go to the store and purchase something you...

Recipe Makeovers for Healthy Holidays 0

Recipe Makeovers for Healthy Holidays

The holidays are filled with family gatherings and great food. It is a great time to make traditional recipes, but we also need to keep in mind our health and our families health


Healthy Eating Made Real!

Whole foods and processed foods are available at every grocery store. Many people opt for processed foods because they are quick and convenient. In order to start eating “real” you...

Sugar Addiction 0

Sugar Addiction

Merriam-Webster defines addiction as a compulsive need for, and use of, a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. After reading that definition, could you...

Weight Cycling 0

Weight Cycling

Fad diets promise great results in a short period of time. Many people will try them to see if they receive the results they promise. It’s true that most fad...

Maintaining Healthy Changes 0

Maintaining Healthy Changes

Maintaining Healthy Changes Most people who try to lose weight fail to keep it off. Why? They fail to make changes that will last them a lifetime. Instead, they opt...

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain 0

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain It may feel as if you just got your eating habits and weight under control and now the holidays are here! Food is everywhere, because any...