Practical Tips

How Technology Aids Families with Disabilities 0

How Technology Aids Families with Disabilities

We live in a world where technological advances are an everyday occurrence. We can see this in advertisements, scholarly journal articles, the news, and even social media. For disabled persons,...


From Special to Ordinary

How do we help your loved one shift from the “special” to the “ordinary”? Special classrooms, programs and groups. Our family members with developmental disabilities are forced to live a...

Family Chat Practical Tips For Puberty 0

Family Chat: Practical Tips For Puberty

“Puberty! Ready or not, it is our time to guide our children through. It’s a natural stage of development when many changes happen to our bodies, emotions, and behaviors. We...

Does Your Teen Struggle with Executive Function? 0

Does Your Teen Struggle with Executive Function?

5 Executive Function Tips Are you seeing that your teen consistently struggles in the same areas: task initiation, time management, prioritization, and organization? Like any other subject in school, these...

Millicent Nicole Huser Shares With Us 0

Millicent Nicole Huser Shares With Us…

Millicent Nicole Huser College is a goal for many, so it is “on the radar” early on in their lives. They prepare for it by taking certain classes, joining certain...


Tips for Inclusion and Friendship

Inclusion and Friendship Timothy Rohrer is a young adult with autism who is a passionate advocate of disability inclusion. He is the author of a teaching guide called “How to...

House Guests A How To Using Positive Behavior Support! 0

House Guests: A How To

One of the many things that can cause stress for families with special needs children is the isolation they may experience from friends and family. Families may avoid gatherings or...

Family Chat Navigating Across the Lifespan 0

Family Chat: Navigating Across the Lifespan

Learn ways to prepare, respond, and support our families through life’s transitions through our own challenges and successes. (Aug 2021) Video: Related Article: Their Tears and Fears. Masks and...

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