Pencil Grips by Firesara


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This handwriting aid is small, easy and practical to use. You can just put your thumb and index finger into the side’s holes, which is designed to suit your finger properly and then hold the ring with your middle finger.

In this way, your three fingers can be fixed tightly. The soft ring protects your middle finger from cocooning and keep you a good writing habit for a long time.

Firesara pencil grips made from high-quality silicone are safe and non-toxic. The flexibility of the soft, rubbery, latex-free material allows pencil grip corrector fits on pencils, primary pencils, pens, crayons, markers, etc.

Firasara writing aids meet different people’s needs. For kids who learn to write, or have difficulty in holding pencils. For adults who are trying to correct and improve handwriting. For special needs, such as arthritis, hands tremor, and other health problems.