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Meet Estefani

Meet 10-year-old Estefani! You’ll know she’s enjoying herself when she bops to her favorite music. Some of her favorite music can be found on the KidzBop albums, but she is...


Meet Jackson

Meet Jackson Being 9 years old, Jackson is constantly laughing, snuggling, or playing, and those around him consider him a “ray of sunshine.” It’s impossible to have a bad day...

Meet Corey 0

Meet Corey

Meet Corey Corey has a wide smile that lights up the room. This 16-yearold describes himself as “smart, funny, and happy” and others agree, adding that he is kind, cheerful...

Hot New and Updated Apps for 2016 0

Hot New and Updated Apps for 2016

The New Year is a great time to update your child’s mobile device with some engaging, fun and highly-rated educational, pretend play and productivity apps. Nowadays, the sheer number of...

Organizing Your Filing System 0

Organizing Your Filing System

How Do You Organize Your Filing System? Parenting Special Needs’ reader’s shared with us on Facebook how they organize their filing system: by year; by diagnosis; by provider; other? How...

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