What Is Blindness/Visual Impairment? 0

What Is Blindness/Visual Impairment?

What is Blindness/Visual Impairment? -Blindness: Complete or nearly complete vision loss Many people regard blindness as the inability to see at all or to discern light from darkness – Legally...

2019 Cover Winner Yomi & Kofi Karade 0

2019 Cover Winner: Yomi & Kofi Karade

Yomi & Kofi Karade On our cover this month is Kofi Karade, 17, and his very proud mother, Yomi. Kofi has been diagnosed with autism, albinism, ADHD, as well as...

March is Save Your Vision Month 0

March is Save Your Vision Month

Save Your Vision Month Vision disorders are the number one handicapping condition for children. Those with special needs (including ADHD, autism spectrum, twice-exceptional children as well as gifted learners) commonly...