Mask As a Tool for Communication 0

Mask As a Tool for Communication

Masks can be so much fun to wear but did you know that masks have been part of our culture since 7000 B.C. From the masks of Camaroon in Africa...

DIY Adaptive Utensils 0

DIY Adaptive Utensils

DIY Adaptive Utensils Does Your Child Need help holding utensils? If you have a child that just needs a “little extra grip” but not necessarily girth, you can use “liner”...

Michael Lincoln-McCreight 0

Michael Lincoln-McCreight

Michael Lincoln-McCreight Have you ever heard of Supported Decision Making? Attorney Amanda Heystek (Director of Systems Reform Disability Rights Florida) was kind enough to explain in greater detail what it...

ASK Angie ASL - Let’s Play UNO 0

ASK Angie ASL – Let’s Play UNO

WATCH VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Let’s Play UNO   Summertime is one of my favorite times. I enjoy the more relaxed environment of life and family togetherness. One of my “soapbox” issues...

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